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    Lots of people support porn, they understand from the inside of that porn does harm inside their lives, however they don't oppose porn plus they dislike the people who oppose porn. Why? So why do they support porn?

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    Because porn gives something to them. Porn satisfies them, Porn relieves them, Porn gives happiness for them. So naturally they support porn, they desire the enjoyment porn gives, with this happiness, they're able to suffer, whatever damage porn make within their lives, they watch porn repeatedly.

    Porn is the foremost need for them, why?

    A better solution is based on great deal of factors; I discuss a few things here.

     Repressed emotions.
     Stress in your everyday living.
     Unfulfilled requirement for affection.
     Pessimism and deficiency of hope

    Repressed emotions

    To have life properly, one needs tremendous freedom, with freedom one enjoys, causing all of us desire to enjoy, nobody wants sorrow.

    In social living, one has to reside in certain patterns, and there isn't any get away from it. In early childhood, you have to check out school, while you and I know, many children hate it. In adulthood, you have to go to a job, most adults hate their jobs.

    Society compels us to live in certain patterns. We can't blame society to the, because this is required for society to perform well (until we determine a greater system). We must repress ourselves to adhere to these patterns. Daily we do this. Repression, That's not me talking about anyone, there are few people who enjoy the work they do, truly enjoyed their school days etc, but for many, going to be employed in the morning just isn't amazingly thrilling, many hate it, they hate it for large amount of reasons, however they must see work, they do things they don't really like, they repress.

    These repressed feelings create tension inside which natural meats un-aware consciously, you have to release this accumulated tension to become free and straightforward. Lots of people have no idea the nice approaches to release it; they haven't developed necessary skills to produce these tensions. To discharge these tensions, they desire an easy method.

    There porn becomes friend. Porn gives great help to release the tension by allowing them glance at the 'feel good chemicals' that's stated in your body while you're watching porn. Or sensations female bodies produce within their heads. They learn what they needs. Release.

    This repressed emotion may be the major reason behind bizarre rough porn. The people who repress more tend to like rough and bizarre porn. Seeing someone suffer ensures they are happy, this is due to the suffering they carry themselves. They need to see lots more people in suffering which let them feel good of themselves.

    Stress in Daily life

    When i told earlier, a few enjoy their job, most are compelled. Compelled for for actions of their lives. Compulsion creates stress, and stress creates anger and pessimism. Anger and mental poison affects their relationship to a different. Damages in relationships makes one isolated, isolation blocks the strategies of constructive stress releases.

    So one moves to destructive ways to release stress. Each goes to things like drugs and porn.

    Usually porn addicts get stressed more because of their underdeveloped social skills to correspond with others, relating online websites and in compassion is important for anybody to effectively release the worries, so deficiency of social skills multiplies one's levels of stress.

    To ease stress, one is finding comfort porn.

    Unfulfilled requirement for affection

    Mostly porn addicts would be the type of people that don't posses great skills to get and a girlfriend of their choice and attain their affection and love. Girls like heroes. We all have been not heroes. And we all aren't getting might know about needs, affection. This not enough affections creates tension and sorrow.

    Here also we depend on porn.

    Pessimism and lack of hope

    Did you observe pessimists? Observe... if you are a pessimist, it's easy. You will see yourself. Pessimists carry great stress on their own, because of the lack of trust to anybody or anything; they have to look after everything themselves. Many solutions in head. Always being in great stress.

    Pessimists carry much more stress on their own than average man. To produce this stress, most depend on porn.

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